A pallet/container packaging calculator named 'PAKWiZ' has been created by the PKA development team. This packaging wizard will calculate for you how many user defined packages will fit on a pallet and how many pallets will fit in containers to maximize total space used.
                       PAKWiZ packaging solutions

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In response to the proliferation of netbooks, tablets and other portable devices, PKA Systems embarked on the development of a complex, GUI based system designed for these next-generation products while retaining compatibility with the data and business logic accrued accrued over the years in our systems.
Production testing of the core freight forwarding modules is on schedule for completion by autumn 2013. Please address your enquiries using our contacts page

PKA Systems Ltd have a wide range of solutions for all today's freight forwarding requirements. Take a look at some of the features in the table below.

We are sure you will find PKA Systems software to accommodate all of your logistical requirements. For any queries or questions about any of our products or services visit our contacts page.
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